Consider sponsoring

If you are looking for an interesting project to sponsor, consider sponsoring MELfeed Video! We will provide an interesting mix of new and old Community TV Programs, and other video content from time to time, in an interesting “evening of programs” TV-style live streamed format With a mixture of long-running series and special programs, there is sure to be something interesting on our streams! We can also put you in touch with the provider of the programs, and when the program is currently airing on C31 Mellbourne, we may be able to help you sponsor that program on Free To Air TV!


Sponsors can assist in many ways:-

Consider sponsoring MELfeed Video, and help us keep the service going for the benefit of our viewers and the groups that supply our programs!!

Sponsor a 4G Data account

A very practical way to assist MELfeed Video is to sponsor a 4G modem and/or Data account. Because of slow fixed internet upload speeds, we need to send out our programs via 4G connections to provide pictures of viewable quality. Sponsors will be given promotion in program breaks during the live playout. This is a good opportunity for Melbourne based telcos and mobile phone dealers! Please email us for more details and to strike a deal!

Advertising in program breaks or website ads

We can offer also advertising in program breaks or on our website. Please see this page for more information!