If you have a CSA, you have come to the right place!

At MELfeed Video, we love Community Service Announcements! We have a lot of space to fill in our program breaks, so if you send your CSA to us, we will be sure to give it a great run on our service! Whether your CSA is based around a seasonal campaign or is of a general nature, we can help you! At MELfeed Video, we won’t bury your CSAs in the “Midnight to Dawn” slot like some outlets do!


How to submit your CSA

CSAs should submitted via electronic means. Our preferred submission method is via a YouTube video, public, unlisted or private. If you submit via a Private Video, please make it viewable by michcos@optusnet.com.au – Other submission methods will be considered, please let us know how you propose to send it! To submit your video, please use the blue “Suggest A Video” button in the header. If you are the copyright holder, please let us know.
If your CSA is currently running on Free To Air TV, let us know. We can look for it on air and record it!

CSA submission conditions

1. CSAs will be played out at 720p quality over the YouTube stream.
2. CSAs should be in at least Full SD resolution or higher. 720p videos are ideal for our use.
3. CSAs played via Live Streams will stay archived on the replay of the stream they were a part of. If you need the video taken down, you need to request this from Michael, but we prefer that it stay as part of the archived broadcast.
4. Please do not submit videos with copyright problems. If you don’t have all rights to post the video online, please obtain permissions before submission.
5. CSAs will be accepted for the service at the sole discretion of operator, Michael Costello.