How to get your message onto!

Ads produced by us are suitable for use as follows:-

  • MELfeed Video Sponsorships
  • Web Video / Websites / Social Media
  • C31 Melbourne / 44 Adelaide / WTV Perth Sponsorships
  • Aurora Television (Foxtel Ch 173) Sponsorships
  • Big Screens at Small Club Sporting Grounds
  • NOTE:- NOT suitable for Commercial TV

All ads mastered in 1080i resolution, and downscaled to 720p when played out on

The Billboard!

Basic advert made using photos/logos/stills supplied by advertiser with effects and voiceover.

Rate from:-

The Video Ad (up to 30 secs)!

Basic advert with footage shot by us of your business, with effects and voiceover. (Advertiser can appear in ad if desired)

Rate from:-    (Metro Melbourne)

                            (Country Victoria)

The Extended Web Video!

Basic web video produced to your choice of duration, with footage shot by us at your location. Voiceovers can be provided. (Advertiser can appear in Web Video if desired)

Rate from:-    (Metro Melbourne)

                            (Country Victoria)