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Published on April 19, 2018

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Program Stream starts 8:00pm AEDST

Episode Details

NAT Chat

NAT Chat is a general interest interview program discussing a wide variety of topics. We are always looking for people to interview on the program, particularly from the Northern Suburbs. If you are interested, please visit the NAT Chat site.

The CEC Report – SPECIAL

Special Topic episode of the CEC Report from the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia.

Harmony In Diversity

Harmony in Diversity is a program that explores peoples faith based experiences, accross all faiths and religions, including athiests and people with no defined faith.



Red Lobster

Red Lobster is program about Poetry and features readings taped at various venues around Melbourne.
For more information go to the Red Lobster Web Page.


SteamRail Workshops

This is the second series of Transit, aired in 1998. It features a wide variety of Public Transport operators and Transport Museum Groups.

Transports of Distant Delight

Video Slide Show

Transport slides from here, there and almost everywhere.  A selection of transport  and some travel slides…..

The CEC Report

The CEC Report is the regular weekly show of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, first airing on Community TV in September 2010.
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