It all happens at our YouTube channel – where you will find our current and past program streams!

NOTE: Due to some internet issues, MELfeed Video stopped streaming after our launch night in November 2017. From now on, it will be with a reduced picture quality of 480p at 1mbps, due to the low internet speeds currently available to us.

MELfeed Video resumed service on February 21, 2018 will be a new Web TV Service for Melbourne, Australia. The service will feature new and old Community TV Programs and other video content from time to time. Programming will be presented at least one night a week to start with via Live Streams on YouTube Live, and the broadcasts will be available for replay soon after. The website will also showcase some on demand programs and content from the owner of the site and the participating Community TV groups, whether that is via our own YouTube, or other accounts associated with those programs. The aim is to provide a service to promote some of the lesser known community TV programs, past and present, on C31 Melbourne. These programs tend to not get much promotion on the station!

Upcoming Live Program Streams

Initial programs on this service will be drawn from the libraries of Northern Access Television (NAT) and Melbourne East Television Regional Organisation (METRO TV). Other program providers that wish to join with our web TV service can ask us to consider their programs to be included as part of the service. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, these programs will find a “second” home here on! – If you wish to suggest a video for, please click our “Suggest A Video” button above.
The service will be owned and operated by Michael Costello (who trades as VideBus) and participation in the service by programs and providers will be at his sole discretion.
This website will be developed further as the project gets underway. In the meantime, please feel free to follow our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. Keep watching this site over the coming months as we get close to launching our service!

To find out more about, please contact Michael by email:-